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Welcome to Impact Makers ATBU

Daniel Kayode Jacobs
Impact Makers is a Campus Youth group that was initiated in 2001 in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi by Daniel Olukayode Jacobs. The motive for initiating the group was born of a desperate need and desire to help campus youths appreciate the need to release their potential. The school system as well as the society seemed to worship paper qualification and paid only lip service to the development of talents. Talented youths who where not really doing well in their studies felt belittled and unaccepted. The same was also noticed amongst the Christian fellowships. A student with very strong self expression were not allowed or given free access to fellowship activities. They were regarded as wayward or sinners. On their own part, the "unaccepted one" or "outcast" rebelled and saw nothing good in campus meetings. Most of them resulted to cultism, prostitution, drug addition and other social vices. This burned my heart greatly when I realised it and I decided to start writing articles and past around the campus, all in a bid to inspire some of them and make them realize they carry great matter within them. On one of those days, as I meditated on God's word and reading a Christian Magazine, my spirit was inspired and the word IMPACT MAKERS - Reaching the world through prints kept ringing in my heart and that was it. I went forth and began to speak the word to those who cared to listen and in August 2001, two people caught the vision and we held the first meeting in a cafeteria. I remember sighting Halima Abdumalik walk into the Cafe that night while i was sharing the vision with a friend who had a similar vision! The whole idea was to set a socio - spiritual organization that would equip students spirit, soul and body. Our meetings centred on poem recitations, article writing (which was a must for members), seminar presentations, qual ity interactive sessions and spiritual enlightenment. Members were known by an assigned number known as the IM number i.e. I was IM - 002, this was as a result of our sitting positions the day the use of numbers was proposed and approved. The group met every Friday at a commom room known as GRA common Room in ATBU.

Alao Omotayo -

William J Chaba -

Debby Atagher - Pioneer Vice President
"I know you are not a quitter and that you have a destination, and that is why I am looking forward to hearing of you and of the exploits you will be doing. ATBU has experienced your manifestation, now the world is waiting for you. Don't disappoint them and God. As for us impact makers, we will remember you for being a friend, our founder and almost Hero. What will the world know you for?" Debby's parting words for Daniel Jacobs in 2002

George Hember -

Amsa U Mangga IM010 -

Adagazu Rosemary Manyi - IM019 

Abdulmalik Halimat IM008 -
"You proved to be a really good president all through the way, caring , understanding, and above all simple. ...You are a man with a purpose and a man of destiny, your inestimable future is inevitable, what you carry is of greater worth than gold. A man like you, whom has worked the principles to the top can never be stopped, not even by your own self. Dreams do come true, see your dream has, your dream of a great, strong, vibrant, contemporary and powerful impacting group has come true, we are so grateful to you for carrying out your God given vision and bringing it to reality. You have allowed yourself to make people like me belong to the Christian society with less stress. I must say it was fun being an Impact Maker exco with you, though there were trying times, we still stood together, Thankyou. Jacko your future is certain because you know who holds it, you can only get better. Cheers. See you at the top. Hope". Halima's parting words of encouragement to Daniel Jacobs in 2002.

Rosie Utsaha - IM014
"In another few weeks you would be off this school, yet the beautiful part of it all is that you're leaving a positive impact behind and taking with you the knowledge that you've got friends. People whose lives you've touched in a positive way. I like the confident way you go about issues especially the ones that appear as trouble spots. keep it up. As you step aside today, my sincere prayer to God is this, 'may God guide all your ways and brighten all your days...and may you have your days in the sun.' You touched my life in a positive way, someone else would do it for you."

Gyang Mary Aretta -
"You are such a challenging person, quite observant and careful not to offend anyone and I do appreciate that. Brother you are going to a wider world, be strong, trust in God and respect everyone accordingly. It sounds quite simple but then important. And something for me, later in life talk about me in one of your books or shows anywhere in the world. I don't know what it is you would be talking about me, but i insist you do. I wish you the best in life cos you did affect my life truly. Well I better be on my way to class to Jark! 'He smiles' thats just me for you. shalom bros"

Shima Stephen Iosun IM011

Ebele O Okeke - IM023

Kingsley O IM015

Ogecha Morenike Abu IM030,

Obidike Okafor

Teena Adagiri IM020,

Umar Ishaq IM058,
"Am surely believe that you are going to be very careful about my concern or interest in Impact Makers. Though I can understand you through your voice and at the same time know you by penetrating more than we do now. I don't want to just pass through this university without been able to differentiate my religion with your own. However I would like to use this opportunity to know much about Christianity, if and only if it is the truth and only way. May the almighty God give us the strength to be ourself in a more Laudable way (Amen)"  

Dauda Jonathan

Eddy and Daniel Jacobs in ATBU

Jennifer Odigbo IM044,

Abraham Peterson Enegola IM054,

Femi Opadiji IM001,
"The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. When I look up to the sky at night and I see the wide expanse of the sky, I just feel like going all out and make a change. There however must come a time where we must sit and learn, from  situations around us, from people around us. It is what we learn that we use. For the past five years or so, we've gone through some learning process. It is now time to use what we have to make a difference. We were called to be at one place - the top. I'll be following the progress. Keep in touch."

Toye O Sanni IM038,
Second president of Impact Makers
".....I see in you a search for the greater good, the greater , better, divine philosophy and it is my profound desire that when we shall meet, possibly years from now, like two waves of like amplitude and frequency we shall constructively interfere on a level far above the myopic eye of man and formidably deeper than shallow thoughts. - His words to Daniel Jacobs in 2002

Ademola Olopade Elijah

Agim A Edward
"The world is awaiting the arrival of individuals like you who would transform the face of the earth by transforming lives through the power of the word. Your influence has been tremendous and far - reaching. My belief system has been stretched to the levels that I no longer think the sky is my limit, but the beginning of what this great man has to offer. The world can't contain me any longer!! I love you from the depths and abyss of my heart. Thanks for doing so much for me!!" Eddy now works with the Federal Ministry of works in Calabar 

Okpeke Ojonugwa James, IM018

Joy Shaibu

"You are a rare gem cut out to bless and help to elevate people to the top. You make things happen for people and God will definitely make things happen for you (like you always say). You face challenges with a calm attitude. You go ahead and do what you have to ,do. Yo don't look at obstacles or problems involved in taking the challenge of doing things or starting things, like starting  Impact Makers. You are the Solomon or Nehemiah of our time. Many have had ideas like raising a group like Impact Makers up, but they only thought of it, looked at the obstacles and waved it off. Thanks for setting a pace for us to follow, to know how to face challenges and not give up. Even as you go out there, go in a special way, because you are destined to succeed. You can't fail, you can only win, not to worry, favours are on the queue waiting for you. And many people outside are waiting for you to impact them with the great deposit you have on your inside. Take charge and stay on top and remain in Zion." This is a very prophetic and Inspiring  word from Joy Shaibu in 2002

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